Family Fire Pit


This was actually a bit of a challange. The friend that helped me get the pipe said that he had gotten his pipe in his hole by using a jack and jacking the pipe up until it slid into the hole. He did indicate that it had snagged on the side of the hole or something like that. I'm not sure of the details on that but there was some kind of an issue with getting it in.

When I contemplated jacking up the pipe until it slid into the pit I was a little apprehensive. I just couldn't visualize how I was going to do that. Then I got to thinking that I did know someone who had a tractor and perhaps this could be used to simply pick the pipe up and drop it into the hole. This seemed like a much better solution to the problem.

Unfortunately, the tractor wasn't big enough to simply lift the pipe and drop it in the hole. After thinking about it for awhile we decided that we might be able to place a couple of beams down in front of the hole and then slide the pipe on the beams and then at the last moment lift one end of the pipe with the tractor bucket and get it to drop into the hole.

This worked for us but there was one snag in the process. One of the beams slid under the pipe and when the pipe dropped into the hole the beam went in under it and lodged under the pipe. We ended up with one end of the beam up against the side of the hole and the other end about mid way in the hole and the pipe resting on top of it.

In order to resolve this issue I resorted to using my little match and after a short while of burning the beam was no longer a problem and the pipe slid fairly nicely into the hole.

I leveled the pipe as best I could, which wasn't much, and then filled in the outside area between the hole and the pipe and at that point I was ready for the next step.