Family Fire Pit


Although I'm sure this is not the first time a double-decker table has been used in a pit like this it was a bit unique to me as the pits that I had seen did not have this feature. This is probably due to the fact that the prior pits that I had seen were not quite so deap as mine. Being five feet deep would be a lot of wasted space if a double-decker table was not used.

Prior to my decision to have this table made I had seen a simple solution of having a few blocks dropped into the pit so that a metal grate could then be lowered down into the pit and which would then rest on the blocks. This grate would have the desired meat, (turkeys?) placed on top of the grate. This is the method that was used when I had my first turkey cooked in this kind of a pit.

The individual who helped me get the pipe for my pit was using a bit more sophistocated system as he did have a table that he was using, although it was a single layer. The meat was placed on the table and a couple of poles with hooks were used to lower the table into the hot pit.

When I first imagined using a double layer I had invisioned that the first layer would be lowered down into the pit and then once that was set I would lower the second or top table into the pit and rest it on top of the first table. So in the picture you can see that the two-layer table is designed to come apart. One table sits on top of the other.

However, after experimenting a bit I soon found that it would be a lot easier to simply hook the bottom table and lift them both together. In this way I could raise and lower the meat all at the same time.

My welding skills aren't that great so I took my idea to a local welding shop and explained as best I could what I wanted and what I wanted it for. The original design that I gave to them was not what I ended up with. I was quite pleased, however, since I believe what they gave me was a much better design than I had originally invisioned. The table wasn't exactly cheap to have built, but they did a very nice job. The welded table was given to me by the shop in an unpainted state so I finished it by painting the table with some heat resistent paint.