Family Fire Pit


You can pretty much see what I ended up with. However, I had a few failures before I got to this point. I had a couple of ideas in mind. The first was to build a cart with some big wheels on it so that I could role the food over the pit and then lower the food down in. With the size of the pit the card would have had to be quite large so I decided against this.

The next idea was to build a pipe that would have an arm on it that could be swung over the pit and the food lowered into the hole. This seemed like a good idea. I went out and bought some pipe and a winch and it seemed like I was well on my way. I did a trial run and it seemed to work. I was pretty excited about the whole thing. However, as one last test I thought I would load up the lid with some dirt and see how it would hold up under a load.

So I shoveled the dirt on the lid and then hooked up the cables to the lid and hit the button on the winch. Unfortunately, instead of lifting the lid the whole thing folded in half. One of the pipes sheared off cleanly at the threads.

The good thing is that when I was at the store buying the winch I had seen the engine block lifter that you have seen in the pictures. My thought at the time was that if I hadn't spent so much on the pipes this would have been a great solution. And since I was now back to the drawing board I went back and purchased the engine block lifter, poured some cement to place it on and this did indeed work very well.