Family Fire Pit


Traditionally, the lid is simply a large piece of metal that is placed over the opening of the pit after the meat is lowered down into the hole. Then dirt is thrown on top of the lid until the entire surface is covered and there is no air that is allowed to escape.

Had I placed the pipe into the ground upside down from the way I did it then this would have worked well. However, with the design I have used, in order to do it this way I would have had to have a larger piece of metal to cover the opening.

My idea was to have the metal custom cut so that it would just fit inside the outer lip of the pipe. In this way when I am not cooking meat in the pit I can use it as a regular fire pit ring. Dirt could be placed on top of the lid providing an excellent place to build a regular fire.

The only concern that I had was that when there was not a fire blazing and no one was watching, the kids might run or jump on the lid and perhaps the lid would not be strong enough to hold their weight. The solution was to have a couple of heavy angle iron cut and I bolted the angle iron to the underside of the lid. This provided a sturdy lid that was able to hold the weight that would be placed on it.