Family Fire Pit


I was talking to a man who happens to be a Hopi Indian. He asked me, "How are you going to start the fire? Are you planning on getting a ladder and going down in the pit and starting the fire and then climbing back out of the hole and pull the ladder out behind you?" He said that he had seen others try and do it this way. I said that I had given some thought to how I would do this but hadn't come up with a good solution yet.

He then told me that the way to do it was to place smaller boards across the opening of the pit so that the entire area was fairly well covered and then start the fire on top. Then as the fire burned it would drop down into the pit and you could then begin throwing additional wood in on top of it.

I thought that was a very good way of doing it and expressed my thanks for the great idea. If I remember correctly I said something like, "That's a good idea. I'm glad you thought of it." He then said to me, "It wasn't my idea. Hopi's have been doing it this way for hundreds of years."