Family Fire Pit


I was invited one year to cook our Thanksgiving turkey in the neighbor's pit. I was a bit skeptical about doing this and I believe we cooked two turkeys that year: one in the neighbor's pit and one in the regular oven just in case it didn't turn out as described. However, it soon became readily apparent that the way I cooked turkeys was about to change forever. The meat literally fell off the bones and was the most juicy I had ever had. I love the dark meat found on the legs, but this meat had always been a bit dry. The turkey cooked in the pit did not suffer from this problem. On the contrary, it was just as juicy as the rest of the turkey. I grabbed the leg bone to move it and it slid nicely out of the meat leaving me holding the now clean, meatless bone. It was awesome and I was now hooked. I had never tasted anything so great.

The next year I wasn't so lucky as to be invited to have my turkey cooked in a pit and in fact I moved soon after this. As a result, plans were soon developed for building my own pit. In the next few pages I will explain the steps that I went through while undergoing this process. Maybe some of you will want to try it yourself and perhaps you will find this information helpful.